Tyre recommendations;

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#1 Tyre recommendations;

Post by PhoenixUK » Fri Apr 28, 2017 11:55 am


I need to replace the front tyres on my SeriesI; So may as well replace all...

At the risk of been burnt at the stake....

I recently saw a car with wider tyres that looked superb, what tyres if any am I able to put on
the car (original wheels) to give it this 'slightly' more modern look without any other modifications?

Or do I have to buy new wheels with different offsets etc?

Thanks and please don't shout to loud.. :helpsign:
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#2 Re: Tyre recommendations;

Post by Gfhug » Fri Apr 28, 2017 12:15 pm

Phoenix, there are several opinions that will divide the answers into two camps.
Use the search function for tyres, but you'll find many who prefer to stick to the original 185/15R tyres. Some go for the 205/70-15. A wider tyre that will fit onto the standard wheel, though you have to grind off the bump stops on the rear arches or they'll get scraped and damage the tyres.
My personal view is that I'm happy to have switched from the wider 205/70-15 tyres to the original 185/15 as I feel they give poorer feedback and tend to 'tramline'.
There are those who have switched to the wider tyres and have been happy with them. And the racers go for the wider tyres.
Another way to get the wider look is to fit the standard tyres to wider rim wheels. Some say this is the happy compromise between looks and road holding.

Various opinions and you are almost obliged to spend the money and see what you get as your view if you change may well be different to others.

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