Hello and a resto sticky?

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#1 Hello and a resto sticky?

Post by Shiggi10 » Sun Aug 26, 2018 6:03 pm


I have been a lurker on here a while doing my research, sapping the forum and not adding much! You know how it goes!
I am emabarking in the resto of a S1 3.8 FHC- it is in fact dismantled, chemically dipped and I am in the process of mounting to a rotisserie.
This is my first step into Jags but I am a relatively hardened restorer- Healey 3000 in paint currently, recently finished 2 frog eyes, VW camper, karmann ghia ( that was tough) Land Rovers etc
I will create a resto thread for tin worm onlookers but I had a question first.

Reading all the resto threads is great and there is a wealth of info out there... but you need to burn the midnight oil to find it.
I wondered whether my initial contribution, followed by others adding of course, would be resto top tips thread stickies. Maybe a core one that contains hot tips on all.... like “what ever you do fit the heater pipes first”
and “what ever you do don’t throw away the rear axle shins” - I have read the loving book!
And a series specific set?

Just a thought

If it’s been done then my research is terrible!

Scott Higgins

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