I got to wear a funny hat

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#21 Re: I got to wear a funny hat

Post by JD-JAG66 » Tue Jul 24, 2018 6:10 pm

Well Done Simon. Congratulations on the PhD. Looking forward to do this again with your PhD in synthetic organic chemistry in a couple of years.
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#22 Re: I got to wear a funny hat

Post by Kember17 » Thu Aug 09, 2018 11:13 pm



You're well on your way to emulating my brother who didn't finish his postgraduate study until after his 30th birthday. IIRC he has four degrees and a professional qualification. To date (and he is now 53) he has never worked outside a university...

I know a lot of academics and they all seem to suffer from an all-consuming need to work and an inability to switch off. Not all can maintain a sense of perspective. You seem well aware of the risks. Having a hobby (like car restoration) does help keep you sane, or just differently insane. Skinning your knuckles on a fifty year old engine is at a least different type of problem solving. (I de-stress by wet-sanding and polishing my paintwork - wonderfully soothing).

I do hope you take a few weeks off before embarking on the PhD. That can be a gruelling and lonely experience, although, as a scientist, at least you get to go to labs, rather than sitting alone in a library all day. As well as my brother, my sister also has a Masters and a PhD, and my mother obtained an LLB and a doctorate in her retirement so I know from family experience just how hard these postgrad qualifications can be to earn.

Anyway, have a couple of internet pints on me :drinkingcheers:!

Best of luck


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