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Post by Moeregaard » Sat Dec 13, 2008 10:04 pm

Little Johnny is sitting in class and, as usual, looking for ways to disrupt the proceedings. During the arithmetic session, the teacher presents the following problem:

"If ten birds are sitting on a telegraph wire, and a hunter shoots three, how many are left?" Johnny is first up with his hand and replies "None--because the noise of the gunshot would scare away the other seven."

The teacher tells Johnny that for the purposes of this discussion that his answer is incorrect, but adds "I like the way you think."

Johnny raises his hand a second time and says he has a question. Recognizing that she's probably in for some more of Johnny's inappropriate behaviour, the teacher nonetheless takes the bait. "What is it, Johnny?' she asks.

"Three women are sitting on a park bench, eating ice-cream cones. The first is licking her cone, the second is sucking on hers, while the third has bitten the top off of hers completely. The question is, which one is married?"

Realizing that she has walked right into Johnny's trap, she nervously replies "The one who is licking her cone."

"No," Johnny replies. "The one who is wearing a wedding band!" He then adds "But I like the way you think!"
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