Pachyderms and Potatos

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#1 Pachyderms and Potatos

Post by Moeregaard » Sat Dec 20, 2008 5:26 pm

A guy about to be married had always been embarrassed about the size of his manhood. One day he visits the doctor to see if something could be done to rectify this inadequacy. The doctor told him of an experimental procedure, whereby a section from a baby elephant's trunk is surgically grafted into place. The guy is reluctant, but the thought of having something to brag about convinces him to have the surgery.

A few weeks later, he's sitting down to the pre-nuptial dinner with his future bride and her parents. Halfway through the meal, he feels a squirming in his trousers. Suddenly something reaches across the table and a baked potato disappears into his lap.

"I don't know what I just saw," says his future mother-in-law. "But can you do that again?"

"Probably," says the guy, now in some obvious discomfort. "But I don't think there's room in my *rse for another baked potato...."
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