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Post by Car-Nut » Thu Feb 26, 2009 10:53 am

Im looking to upgrade my Video camera to a smaller, lighter one even though this is one only 2yrs old

Canon MVX3i

This beastie uses Mini DV Cassettes

How do I copy the data off the cassettes on to my PC so I can still play the recordings or is there cheap cassette player that will plug into the TV to play the mini cassettes??

All help appreciated

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Post by GSR 54D » Thu Feb 26, 2009 9:33 pm

Did your Canon not come with a pc software cd for the purpose you require. I have a 3 year old sony mini dv which came with software and a cable which plugged into a socket on my Dell pc labelled "1394" which is called I-Link. From memory I also had a cable which went to usb as well.
If you can get a suitable cable to fit your pc and camera, "windows xp professional" includes software to transfer video. Or software like Roxio Easy Media Creator can do it.
John H

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