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#1 Warren Pearce & Yimkin Engineering

Post by alastair_james_cox » Sat Nov 16, 2019 10:33 am

Hi there,

Is anyone still connected with the team from Warren Pearce?

It's not directly e-type related but in the early 1960s he was based at No.59a Cadogan Lane in Chelsea. Down the road at No.73-79 were two companies owned by a lady called Phylis Herbert. One was a stage tuning shop and FJ Racing Car company called Yimkin Engineering and the other a Motor Retail Company called Gordon and Glynn.

When they both went bust it has been suggested that the remnants of both the companies and possibly a Yimkin chassis I'm researching (own) were taken up the road to Warren Pearce. Interestingly the Technical Director of Gordon and Glynn was Jack Fairman (F1 and Jaguar Driver) and one time owner of 9600HP.

I'm sure it all rolls together somehow. Any contacts with Warren Pearce or any of his team from that time would be much appreciated.

Best, Al

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