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#1 V12 Rear seal

Post by vee12eman » Mon Aug 21, 2017 9:37 am


Just to be clear, this is the V12 engine, which uses the same rear seal as the six, but may (for all I know), use it in a different casting design.

Mine seems to be leaking. I am pretty daunted by the task of replacing it so I asked some local specialists, each of whom had good reputation, for a quote. They are NOT interested, one quoted several thousand dollars to do the job, even if I removed the engine and delivered it to them. Other companies "are too busy."

The first company are V 12 specialists, but obviously don't want the job because it is too difficult. He wasn't prepared to doe the job without a warranty, but clearly thinks it is too likely to fail afterwards. He was politely trying to get me to go elsewhere.

I can't afford to pay the price asked to fix a hobby car (which is more than I paid for the car, or in fact the original engine rebuild 12 years ago), so I guess I have to attempt it myself. So, what advice can people offer, how do I do it and where can I find a good guide to the job? I am not particularly inclined to change to a later seal, largely because I have no idea if anyone here can do it but also because it will also be expensive and there's so much controversy about whether it is worth it. I would not rule that out, but it's highly unlikely I will go that route.

What I would like to know is how successful I am likely to be, and how I can increase the odds of success? I am more comfortable with body, transmission and suspension work than major engine surgery, so I need all the advice I can get.

Over to you guys…


Simon S-Y
Series III FHC

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