Picture frame accident damage?

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#1 Picture frame accident damage?

Post by doffo25 » Thu Sep 07, 2017 7:33 pm

Hi All

Just remove decades of grime from front suspension areas in readiness to rebuild when I came across this..... At the bottom vertical of picture frame (just above the lower fulcrum shaft block) is some damage to the frame and Im assuming because of that (?) some crude camber shims (about 4mm) have been added to the forward upper wishbone fulcrum block. There is also some damage to the upper wishbone that appears to have been caused by the top ball joint stem when the car was jacked up and the wheel hanging (?) All that said, the frames seem to be unmolested and as far as I can see visually straight.
Have any of you seen similar damage and is there any way I can check the geometry of the front frames?....or any other advice gratefully received.

Thank you



David Offord
1972 Series3 ots

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