Early XMAS present. 123 Tune Blue Tooth

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#1 Early XMAS present. 123 Tune Blue Tooth

Post by andrewh » Wed Nov 22, 2017 4:56 pm

From me to me...I have bitten the bullet and out of curiosity as much as anything else, treated myself to a new 123 Tune Blue Tooth to play with. I down loaded the app onto my iPhone and it all looks very intriguing with a built in security device as well, which I like the idea of up until the day it doesn't work, or my iPhone battery goes flat and I cannot switch the car back on! I was thinking of the USB 123 Distributor as I felt that if the blue tooth played up ever, I had an option to be able to tune it via a fixed lead. Apparently they bluetooth 123 doesn't support USB cable as well. Ah well, would be interested in anyones views , experiences and comments prior to me unpacking it! If I should send it back tell me now :bigrin:
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