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#1 Oil gallery plugs

Post by Hugo » Fri Dec 01, 2017 11:01 pm

Can anybody advise the layout of the screw-in plugs along the length of the oil gallery? Mine seem to have been breeding while they've been out. According to the book, I should have six plugs with a hex head, plus one flush-fitting without a head, just a screw slot. And a bigger plug at the back. I have seven small hex-headed plugs, and I can't work out where the flush-fitting one lives.
At first I thought the flush-fitting plug was supposed to go behind the oil filter housing. I can't see why, though, as there is already a hole next door from the gallery into the same oil filter chamber as the threaded hole, so whether it is blanked off or left open won't make any material difference that I can see.
Then I thought perhaps it went behind the engine mounting, but if that is the case I then have TWO spare plugs.
Any ideas?
Hugo Miller - rebuilding an imported Series II OTS & converting to RHD

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