A different approach to Engine Stand Adapters

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#21 Re: A different approach to Engine Stand Adapters

Post by PeterCrespin » Thu Sep 27, 2018 2:59 am

Too late indeed. Rory has now come full circle, since it was never compulsory to hold the block by the rear face, if worried about the overhang. The normal stand mounting brackets can hold the block this way just as easily as any other method and without any fabrication.

I think the 'Simpson Side Strap' gives the best all-round accessibility, but the rear face normal grip is fine by me. I found that standing my 105 kg on cylinder #6 without anything bending, toppling or breaking, was sufficiently close to proving a negative to persuade me there was no problem to solve. Bear in mind that my stand (thank you, Mark Gordon) is a foldaway 6-wheeler rated at 2000lb but still only $129. If you have an unbraced cheap-cheapie then you might be worried with an XK in any position.

if you fit the main gallery plug and upper seal holder before mounting the engine rear to the stand, you have perfect access for every aspect of the build until flywheel fitment. Since the latter is the last thing before clutch and gearbox assembly (when it has to come off the stand anyway), you're basically fine for a full build. I do like the sideways bracket though....
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