Mangoletsi throttle.

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#1 Mangoletsi throttle.

Post by Hugo » Tue Mar 20, 2018 10:20 pm

Just a heads-up; I'm in the process of re-fitting all the under-bonnet bits & pieces on my late Series II prior to putting the engine back in.
Chris Vine's blog reports a problem with the starter relay getting in the way of the Mangoletsi throttle mechanism, and I had the same thing with mine. I believe this is only an issue with the ballast-resistor cars (which mine is). Chris Vine's problem went away when it dawned on him that he didn't need the ballast resistor since he had fitted electronic ignition, and if I understand him correctly, the enabled him to mount the relay lower down on the bulkhead.
My solution was to drill a couple of holes & move the relay up a couple of inches. I'm intending to fit electronic ignition also, but the relay is now quite happy where it is.
Having run a metal pipe from the reservoir to the clutch master cylinder, I now find that the throttle mechanism fouls that, or rather it did till I cut and ground a few bits off the lever.
Hugo Miller - rebuilding an imported Series II OTS & converting to RHD

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