How would you re-glue the bonnet rear centre stiffener ?

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#1 How would you re-glue the bonnet rear centre stiffener ?

Post by Durango2k » Sun Apr 01, 2018 9:15 pm

I mean the horizontal bar. Its welded left and right, and the sheet metal on mine is mainly detached.

My thinking was to drill the spotwelds all - through, and maybe make some 4 more in the centre section, all, say, M5.

Then take it off, the drilled holes will allow exact re-positioning. Clean and remove rust, primer in 2 k, re- glue using bolts and large wood clmaps + cloth to distribute their clamping power. The bonnet has to be open then, thus the bolts.

Or use only bolts, no clamps, and be able to close and lock it whilst the glue settles ?

On my bonnet, even the wing stiffeners are partly loose. All brittle, will have to re- glue and shape them a bit as well.

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