Crankshaft damper removal technique

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#1 Crankshaft damper removal technique

Post by PhilBell » Tue Apr 03, 2018 12:46 pm

This might save someone else from much frustration.

If using a puller on the crank pulley and/or hardwood wedges behind the crankshaft damper fails to budge the damper, try freezing the nose of the crank with a burst of one of those shock and unlock sprays that chills things down to -35 deg C, then tapping those wooden wedges a bit more and giving the crank pulley a sharp tap or two with a copper mallet.

If a couple of goes at that doesn't shift it, quickly screw in the crank damper bolt and use a three-leg puller to apply force to the pulley, tap your wedges in further and give the pulley a few sharp taps with the copper mallet.

Worked for me.
1962 FHC 885626

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