Series 1.5: rubber sound deadener inside bonnet under paint?

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#1 Series 1.5: rubber sound deadener inside bonnet under paint?

Post by Durango2k » Thu Apr 19, 2018 3:54 am

Hi guys,

I did remove all the old paint and rust from my S1.5 bonnet, using an angle grinder plus a wire disc.

It took a few hours.

Now, maybe an interesting find was, that on the rear end of the bonnet the primer / the layer below the paint on the INSIDE of the bonnet became thicker and thicker. Inside the bulge it was quite a lot of the white stuff.

At about the front end of the bulge it started to vanish, they sprayed the paint directly on the sheet metal, no primer.

Now- I thought, as the paint was factory original- may it be that Jaguar used a thicker primer or even something „rubberish“ back then to silence the engine, hind the bonnet from vibrating etc.?

Would you repro that, or would you just go for a modern 2k primer ? I am thinking of primering it today, then maybe apply a thin rubber coat on top, which would not wrinkle (if such a stuff still exists, I am no painter).

I am not talking about the wheel arches, there was underseal painted on red lead paint on sheet metal, so they treated this area differently to the rest (they used red lead paint where they expected stones and rust).

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