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#1 S1 4.2 Brake master cylinder fittings - only banjos available!

Posted: Wed Jul 04, 2018 1:20 am
by fj55mike
I just bought a new master cylinder for my car and I noticed that in the place of "10886 - Outlet Union" (the front fitting) there is a banjo which looks like it is correct for the S2 or V12 cars.


My new brake line kit came with the original style "U" shaped male-to-male pipe which requires the use of the original style fitting, as in this photo:


The "10886 Outlet Union" seems to be unavailable from SNG, Welsh, XK's, and Terry's. Any ideas where to find one without having to buy a whole used master cylinder from eBay? I'd prefer to use the original style transfer pipe rather than the banjo.

Thanks for the advice,