Correct routing of S1 clock reset cable

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#1 Correct routing of S1 clock reset cable

Post by wilkinsi » Fri Nov 30, 2018 1:10 am

Any help or advice would be much appreciated regarding an issue that has come up in the finishing off process for my right hand drive 62 FHC.
The car never came with a clock reset cable so I was fortunate to obtain a spare from a friend which appeared to be correct but too long. When installed it fouled the heater tube between the steering column and centre instrument panel forcing the lining board down so it bulged out.
We (my mechanic and I) were blindsided by an apparently original cable which was 7 and3/4 inches long plus SNGB on their website also specify this as the length.
So we had the cable shortened but on refit it is still very tight against the heater tube making operation rather stiff.
Just to rub salt in the wounds I managed after a bit of a struggle to thread the cable behind the heater tube and guess what - it fitted beautifully in a nice crescent shaped arc down to the lining board but of course we are now too short!!
In summary can anybody tell me:>

1. What should be the correct cable length
2. Does the cable fit on the steering column or instrument panel side of the heater tube.

Ian Wilkins
62 FHC 886763

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