Poor quality on new bought Headlamp Mouldings

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#1 Poor quality on new bought Headlamp Mouldings

Post by Pex » Fri Jan 11, 2019 1:22 pm

I bought new Headlamp mouldings from SNG Barratt for both sides on my 69 -OTS to be refitted after the bonnet been repainted, today the firm which makes the renovation called me regarding the parts I bought.

They weren't satisfied with the quality of the parts so I visited them to see what was wrong and I was surprised of how bad 3 of the mouldings fitted.

On one part the chrome has fallen of (right one at pic.1) and it was the thinnest chrome surface I've seen. I've got it on my fingers and couldn't almost get rid of it.
Two parts which I suppose should be identical differs about 15 mm in length, could bee that one of them has like a knee in the middle and they are very twisted.

The firm now order the parts themselves from their usual supplier(do not know which one), so at least that problem is solved.

I do not want to miscredit SNG Barratt in any way since I haven't talked to them about it yet and it will probably be solved without problems but is this a common problem with some suppliers or have I had extremely bad luck with these parts? Maybe some suppliers to SNG doesn't always deliver what is expected.

Edit: I've been contacted by SNG Barratt regarding this so it will be investigated... :thankyouyellow:




1969 Serie 2 OTS

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