2+2 gearbox tailshaft housing

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#1 2+2 gearbox tailshaft housing

Post by SteveG » Thu Mar 21, 2019 5:01 pm

Hoping somebody can give me some advice regarding removal of the tailshaft housing at the back of the gearbox on a Series 1 2+2 please. Undoing the bolts will loosen the casting but despite gentle persuasion with a mallet and some more persuasive use of tyre levers the unit will not separate from the bearing on the shaft. I don’t know if this is regarded as a pig of a job or should be left to a specialist company but any advice or suggestions would be most welcome. I am West Sussex based and would take to a local specialist if anyone has any recommendations.

Many thanks
Steve - 1966 2+2 1E50101 slow restoration

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