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#1 Electrical - interior light - fan

Post by JD-JAG66 » Tue Apr 23, 2019 9:29 pm

As mentioned in another post, I flushed the oil on my automatic gearbox today (with still some problems left) and found out that there are some electrical issues. :banghead:
In the past all of the following worked : Fan, horn, gauge lights and interior light.
Checked fuses and connections and all were ok.
The cigar lighter works, which is using the same fuse as the interior lamps. So am a bit baffled.
Will check with a multimeter tomorrow whether some current is going to the above mentioned items, but what else can I check apart of the fuses and their wiring connections?
Could it be that if one wire became unstuck, interrupted somewhere this would affect all of the other items?

All feedback most welcome!

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