Cracks in the sills at the door corners.

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#41 Re: Cracks in the sills at the door corners.

Post by angelw » Fri Dec 25, 2020 10:12 am

Rory Wrote:
Can the lead loading be re-done without the seam being horizontal, as in flat, so it doesn't run ? Presumably, with it on the tilt, you just work it in the eutectic pasty-phase, put a bit too much on, then rasp it back flat ?
Hello Rory,
Yes and what others have said.

Also, its far better to work from the bottom up, particularly if you get it just a little too hot (but not hot enough for it to run off onto the floor). When working in the vertical plane, you may observe small trickles of very shinny, material running from the wiping metal; this is the Tin separating from the alloy and gravity doing the rest. Working from the bottom up is not a panacea for this happening, but it is easier to prevent when working the wiping metal this way. The wiping metal will take on a very gritty consistency when this occurs.



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