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#1 A few minor issues.

Posted: Sat Aug 23, 2008 9:32 am
by Simon Bolton
Hi All.I am in the process of a 'gentle fettle' to my 2+2 series 1 and am stumbling on a few things.
1 I had to remove the bonnet and found that , on re-fitting(and yes I did mark the brackets),it was on the skew and slightly too far forward.Is there any means of adjusting other than packers in the brackets?
2 The brackets that swing the squab seat back are missing from my car and seem to be unobtainable.Has any one got any old ones I can purchase or maybe drawings with enough detail so I can fabricate new ones?
3.What is the correct running temp for the 4.2?
Many thanks for any help Simon


Posted: Sat Aug 23, 2008 1:18 pm
by Heuer

1. Never had a problem with the bonnet. I seem to recall bonnet fitting was covered in a back issue of the E-Type Magazine by CMC. (Edit: Nov 2007 issue and Chris Rooke article March 2008 - back issues available from the Club at about ?3 each and possibly money well spent having re-read them!). Did you actually remove the brackets/shims or did you simply undo the nuts and remove the 'top-hat' pivot bolts?

2. The seat brackets are chrome and would be difficult to replicate. Rare to see any on their own on eBay but there have been several complete sets of seats (in varying condition) up for auction. Alternative is to try RM&J Smith who probably can supply a set, although maybe not cheap.

3. According to Des Hamill in his excellent book 'How to Power Tune XK Engines' the XK engine develops optimum power and efficiency between 70-75 C coolant temperature. So ideally the fan should come on at about 75c. I would expect the oil temperature to be about 90c under normal running conditions. If you have cooling issues then it is worth checking you have the correct working thermostat (C20766), the rad is not blocked, the gauge is accurate and the fan Otter switch is working correctly. Finally after checking the glycol mix is correct add a bottle of Water Wetter. On the S1, if everything is working correctly, you should rarely have to add water to the expansion tank.


Posted: Sun Aug 24, 2008 2:18 pm
by Simon Bolton
David Hi Thanks for all that.No problems with cooling now-I just had to fit a new Kenlowe stat switch and needed to know when it should kick in-now I do! ta Simon