Duplicate four digit body numbers

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#1 Duplicate four digit body numbers

Post by Philk » Sat Feb 09, 2019 10:14 am

A thought crossed my mind the other day as I was flicking through the 3.8 Factory Fit thread. Whilst FHC body numbers were officially prefixed by a V and OTS body numbers were prefixed by an R, whenever crayon marks are seen on a car, they are normally only 4 digits (and mostly out of sight). However, the same applied to the right-hand bonnet brace support where earlier 3.8s had their four digit body numbers stamped into the metal. That would mean that for 3.8s up to a particular point in time, there would be bonnets with duplicate numbers permanently stamped into them. Having done a trawl through XKEdata looking for potential examples, one would be car 875679 (3.8 OTS built on 4 October 1961 which has body number R1904) and car 885646 (3.8 FHC built on 20 Feb 1962 which has body number V1904). Could this be a potential reason that the bonnet brace numbers were dropped after a certain point in time?
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