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Post by dale bowman » Wed Mar 06, 2019 12:59 pm

I 'hurriedly' replaced the wipers on my S1 3.8 and am now finding that they are not clearing the screen to well.
The drivers side seems to have formed a 'hollow' where it sits on the elbow of the screen when in park.
The other two just don't seem to 'pull' onto the screen that well and are poor at clearing.
Is this just something we live with being the style / age they are?
I've looked around and found some Tex items on fleabay but didn't want to go ahead if they weren't going to be any better than those I've already fitted (they were SNG Barratt items)
I've also looked on the Trico website but the classics only seem to be available in the USA. Lucas website appear to be black and modern

Cheers D
1964 series 1 3.8 fhc

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