Series 1 & 2 solid Steering Rack mount upgrade #1

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#1 Series 1 & 2 solid Steering Rack mount upgrade #1

Post by Andyp_67E » Mon Jun 08, 2020 7:54 pm

During lock-down I have made a few upgrades to my Series 1 E type. I thought you may be interested in what I have done, I will post the details in different posts.

1) Steering Rack mounts upgrade
2) Cooling Fan upgrade
3) Front Brake Caliper upgrade

Series 1 & 2 solid Steering Rack mount upgrade #1
After taking my car to a Jag specialist (RH Classics in Twyford, Leics. who I would recommend), for a misfiring issues when hot, which turned out to be cylinder head gasket related (another story).
Richard advised after driving my car that a change to solid steering rack mounts would improve the sharpness of the steering as I was also getting excessive vibration in the steering wheel, which would disappear when using the throttle or steering, rather than being road speed dependent.
I had all 4 wire wheels balanced (HP Tyres in Daventry carried this out so was done with the proper kit) the year before, but this did not cure the vibration problem. The existing Metalastic steering mounts were 20 years old, replaced when the car was restored, but had not covered a lot of miles.

So I purchased a set of solid mounts, from a Jaguar specialist, however I was not impressed as the supplied studs were 1) too long and 2) the threaded portion was not long enough. I only discovered this when the steering rack was refitted and all had to be done again, with modified studs, as I did not want to use a stack of washers.

I fitted the mounts while the radiator was removed for the cooling fan upgrade but this is not essential, unbolting the existing mounts and removing the lower spline steering column from UJ was straight forward. I could not get the steering arm ball joint tapers out, so I did the job with them connected and the road wheels raised off the ground in order to move freely, it is possible this way, but makes the job harder to line up the steering column on to the UJ and push the rack onto the start of the mounting studs at the same time.

The Steering of the car is now much sharper into bends and does not need as many corrections to keep in a straight line on a cambered road, although there are slight car vibrations felt through the wheel, but nothing to obtrusive to spoil the driving experience, the wheel does not shake like it used to, so a success.
Finished job
IMG_20200420.jpg (152.22 KiB) Viewed 831 times
Attempt 1- studs too long
IMG_20200419.jpg (202.2 KiB) Viewed 831 times
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