Clutch/ engine / ? Problem

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Post by Bakergt40 » Sun Sep 20, 2020 6:52 pm

Final addition
Well I have had the car back a week, the water leak was heater valve, it’s replaced as is the clutch slave cylinder which was leaking !
The idle is still a bit high and I’ll drop that a bit soon.
The engine now has done over 1000 miles and I must say it runs nice and strong , dyno was 240 hp and carbs set up correctly.
There’s a lighter rattle on idle in neutral but it’s much much better.
I think the issue was clutch / slave cylinder/ engine set up / carbs
But I’m still testing but feel comfortable with it the more I drive it.
What a kerfuffle this has been though , 10 months off the road most of the summer lost with it but now I’m driving it come rain or shine.
Was advised the warranty is a year but awaiting written conformation on that.
Spoke to very helpful Chris at CKL development and if I feel so inclined I can get him to look at it and check but for now I’ll stick some miles on it.
Now Returned to me my steering wheel is slightly Off line which I’m informed they did not touch but as I may get new tyres over winter i will get it all set up then
Bumpers and a few bits I’ll remove over the winter and have rechromed
Thanks for all your comments
If something goes a miss In the words of Arny “ I’ll be back “
Keith Baker
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#42 Re: Clutch/ engine / ? Problem

Post by nichmoss » Sun Sep 20, 2020 7:44 pm

How nice to have the car back after so long. I hope you get the idle down to the 700 rpm area and get out and enjoy the car. It's been an odd year for most of us and probably the year where you'd miss the car least, with travelling restrictions and so on.

I hope it all works out well.

Cheers, Chris
1963 3.8 FHC

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