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#21 Re: Headlight bowls fitment

Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2019 8:16 pm
by andrewh
1/2 inch will be fine. I think the washer bolt is the same screw from memory, but its several years ago so best check. Certainly UNF. My advice is to run a nice oily taper tap through the captive in the bulkhead before fitted a new screw. Awful to damage the thread and have to replace it.

#22 Re: Headlight bowls fitment

Posted: Thu Nov 14, 2019 9:26 am
by E-by'eck
thought I'd add to this post after my Series One exploits on headlight fitting and in particular seating rims. Be aware that there is a special Series One seating rim. SNGB make it at £25 when the "el cheapo" version commonly available is only £10. That one is fine for later etype models without the closed headlights.

The difference is "el cheapo" puts the h/lamp adjusters at 9&12 o'clock. The £25 version puts them at 3&6 o'clock which is the intended position FOR SERIES ONE cars. Guess what....I purchased "el cheapo" as I didn't know about the £25 version and was advised by the SNGB competitor it was the only seating rim available and to drill extra holes in the headlamp diaphragm at 9&12 to make it work, which I have done...argh!!!!. El Cheapo does do the job, but the 12 o'clock adjuster is tight on the bonnet top/wing joint.....don't make my mistake!!

Still can't understand why the Series One seating rim version should carry such a premium price..what a rip off. :evil: :evil:
I bought my headlight parts piecemeal and on reflection a kit would have been a better idea....Holden Electrical are a good choice'

Pictures of "el cheapo" seating rim and the headlamp diaphragms plus the info from the Series One wkshop below'