Boot Floor Exposed for the First Time in a Long Time

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#1 Boot Floor Exposed for the First Time in a Long Time

Post by politeperson » Sat Sep 30, 2017 7:29 pm

What do reckon?

Do you think this is how they came out of the factory? I love looking at the inner panels many people ignore.

There is only one thing is better than a superb restoration- a car that never needed restoration in the first place !(sorry to brag).

Ignore the inner structure at you peril I say.

Having decided I quite like my grotty flat paint, I thought I would start the horribly messy process of Waxing.

The most important job in e type ownership in my opinion.

Today's challenge was the rear wheel arches, boot floor, rear panel and b post, inner wing area.

Took me a few hours disassembling, waxing, then putting it all back.

I managed to get 1.5 litres in there.

I removed all the rear trim panels and got in there with a 500mm probe, some clear hot waxoyl and 100 psi.

Must say it all looks wonderful for such an old car. Is the sound proofing original. Looks pretty old.

I was wondering if I am the fist person to look look into the corners for a very long time.

I love West Coast cars if they are all like tis.






L.J.K. Setright was right.
"You just cant beat a good E-type"

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