Replacing crank on '69 E Type 2+2 4.2 automatic

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#1 Replacing crank on '69 E Type 2+2 4.2 automatic

Post by mister mitch » Sun Apr 22, 2018 11:33 pm

What should I NOT FORGET or do while I am replacing a scared crank...I have a good crank from a "85 xj6 that I plan to use.
I assume this will work???
I assume I can change over to the better xj6 rear main seal...but how????
Good time to stop all the oil leaks...what seals and form a gasket to use???
Including oil pan, valve cover, front and rear main seals, and rear feed pipe washers???
Auto trans leaks at the shifting selector above the do I fix this????
Should I replace the main and rod bearing shells???
Should I replace rings??? should I pull the pistons out???

Note...engine runs good with good compression....just that the oil pressure dropped so I dropped the oil pan and pulled the caps and found the crank scared....

I would convert it to manual trans if I could find one....

All help and ideas are greatly appreciated...Thank You All

Mitch 970 779 0456 Phoenix, AZ USA

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