Series 3 2+2 October 1972 B Post Seal

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#1 Series 3 2+2 October 1972 B Post Seal

Post by chris420sa » Mon Jan 15, 2018 5:09 pm

Hi All - happy new year.

I have just finished (?) fixing up my doors. Have been looking at the B Post rubber seal. The current rubber seal fits into a channel which is riveted to the body and runs from the top of the rearside door opening to the bottom of that opening in a fairly vertical line but with a "kink" at about waist rail level. It does not seem to seal well against the rear of the chrome window frame, but OK with the lower part of the door itself.
I have also noticed another channel (without a seal on mine) which is located on the forward facing side of the chrome upright, to the rear of which is the quarter light. This channel only runs from the top of the door opening down to about waist rail height.

Three questions:
- the cross section of the current B post rubber seal (which must have been replaced over the last 45 years) is quite different to that shown in the parts book. Parts book number is BD28434/1(that page shows the x-section circled in the book and is also shown in the "Rubber Sections" page). Can anyone please advise which is the correct seal assuming there is only one correct seal? SNGB's seal does not look much like that in the parts book (pity they don't show the cross-section properly in their image given that the x-section is what a seal is all about -are you listening Mr Barratt?). Baines does not have the seal shown in the parts book (pity).
- what is the other channel for? What seal (if any) should be fitted to that channel? If a seal is to be fitted to that channel, what to do with the (top part) of the current seal?
- your recommendation as to which "black body sealant" works best and if wiping over with white spirit is the best way to get a good finish to the sealant.

Look forward to hearing from those of you who have had this experience - and who have preferably solved it!.

Thanks to all for a great forum.

Best regards

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#2 Re: Series 3 2+2 October 1972 B Post Seal

Post by mgcjag » Tue Jan 16, 2018 9:04 am

Hi you have found out from the parts manusl the correct door seal is BD28434/1..... the one you have may be for the seal in the quarterlight channel that faces into the door opening..think it should be BD 20500/4...Thats whats shown in the parts catalogue....Steve
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