S3 Bonnet support issue

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#1 S3 Bonnet support issue

Post by MLBS3V12 » Sat May 26, 2018 3:39 pm

I ve had issue with my bonnet. Everything was fine until i place the it on the car.
I've discover lately that the bonnet support I've painted was bent  . The bonnet cannot be fix in the good way.
The distance between the left hinge to the center of the car must be 43 cm. Ive messured 45cm...and by the way 41 on the other side. I would need a reverse lateral choc to get it back at 43  :banghead:
Does anybody knows how to do ? :shrug:
Seriously, I'm looking fo a second hand one. The part number is C32395 or MRE91A.
Le chemin sera long!...

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