Stromberg replacement recommendations

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#1 Stromberg replacement recommendations

Post by MaroonV12 » Sun Aug 16, 2020 11:59 am

What is the general view for replacing the original Strombergs?
Fuel injection...webbers...or other?
What is the best value replacement for both performance and reliability?

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#2 Re: Stromberg replacement recommendations

Post by jagwit » Mon Aug 17, 2020 4:59 pm

Whilst there are those who consider "Stromberg" a swear word, I recon it is, along with SU and Carter Thermoquad, one of the best carbs ever invented by man.

Many a carb gets replaced simply because the fitted carb is not understood or the correct method of tuning it is not followed or understood.

I understood EFI long before I put my hand to a carb (I EFI'ed my ex- E-type S3 OTS), and harboured very negative sentiments towards anything "carb", but I have since come to appreciate the elegance, simplicity and reliability of the Stromberg carb, as fitted to my current S3 V12 2+2 Coupe.

I am now of the view that when it comes to upgrading the S3 V12, it should be done as follows:
1) Ignition system (if still running OPUS);
2) Overdrive transmission

If its really about PERFORMANCE ( ... from this early 50's engine ... ), upping the HP significantly, HAS to start with upping the compression ratio, meaning engine rebuild and then you might as well "go OTT".

This engine is best at delivering good torque at low revs (from idle to ±4000 rpm. I would encourage you to rather focus on its strengths than trying to make it into something that WILL cost much $$$$ !!
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