Soft top fitting - anyone have any pictures/advice

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#1 Soft top fitting - anyone have any pictures/advice

Post by jivili » Thu Sep 15, 2016 7:02 pm

I have a new soft-top to fit and as the car I bought didn't have one fitted I am unsure of how to attach it to the car.
Does anyone have any photos of how the hood is attached to the rear of the car?
Am I right in presuming the @10mm diameter shaped bar goes through the new hood and is simply bolted to the slight lip on the rear of the cockpit?
I presume it sits on the outside of the lip on the cockpit but is it advisable to use mastic to seal this as well?
Any tips or photos would be most helpful as I have nothing to reference and haven't fitted one before

Many Thanks
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#2 Re: Soft top fitting - anyone have any pictures/advice

Post by MarekH » Thu Sep 15, 2016 8:01 pm

Dear Dean,

The bar does indeed go through the slit in the back of the hood.

The hood is then attched to bodywork at the back along the upturned lip using self tapping screws which sit inside pop fasteners. On the body inside, these screws are held in place with metal fasteners. If you look carefully, you ought to see where the prtevious screws pierced the bodywork - there is probably a bit of filler evidencing an old hole filled in or the soft top may have premarked where the pop fasteners should go.

Along the sides, two velcro strips attach to the bodywork rather as an afterthought. There is also a pop fasteners there to be seen per side.

Take a look at a site like for pictures of other peoples' cars.

The pop fasteners are for the little tonneau/hold cover attachment. That is another way of determining locations.

For the front, look to any period UK car website (Triumph, MGB etc) for guidance as to how to stretch the cover to the hood frame.

kind regards

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