Series 3 Tail shaft housing wanted

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#1 Series 3 Tail shaft housing wanted

Post by colin gray » Mon Jun 11, 2018 6:30 pm

Hi all, well this is a little strange but I find my self in need of a series 3 manual gearbox tail shaft housing.
I thought I had a rear gearbox oil seal leak but it still leaks oil and someone has been in there with an alloy welding torch all around the gearbox mounting boss so I now suspect the weld is porous. I would happily take a complete box if anyone out there that has done a five speed conversion has one in the shed. I have just fitted a 2.88 diff so don't want to over do the gearing by going five speed as well unless it is my only option. Barratt and the usual's list a new housing but do not sell them!!!!
Any 2+2 housing has the same part number so any 2+2 E type box should have the same housing according to the parts lists I have seen.
Thanks in anticipation. :helpsos:

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