Blueprints of the E-type body.

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#1 Blueprints of the E-type body.

Post by Thim » Tue Mar 24, 2020 8:57 pm

I'm studying civil engineering and have access to very powerful software for construction, CFD etc.

To learn it I'm considering to use my free time to construct the E-type and see where the weakneses are for torsion and stiffness in the body.

To do it, I will need excat dimensions for all the bodypanels. So my question is if someone here has any drawings like that.

I would prefer drawings for the series 1 coupe, and roadster.

As far as I know, none have done this before with modern technologi. I'm pretty sure they didn't have as good tools as we have today when they designed the car, so maybe I will fine some interesting things... I will post results here if I get it right :)
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