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#1 1969 series 2 2+2

Posted: Tue May 07, 2024 6:13 pm
by tel240z
Good Evening

obviously new to the forum and i have found myself involved in an e type series 2 2+2 of which i have known for the last 20 years, unfortunately the owner and good friend of mine passed away 6 years ago which has left me the task of selling the car, after putting a new battery on and fresh fuel she started up just great, problem is there is a slight rumble coming from the crank shaft area which im pretty sure is main bearing rumble, now i'm a 240Z man and have been working on cars and engines for 40 years so have gained a little bit of knowledge,
the car has great oil pressure 40 psi on tick over when hot, question is were the 4.2 straight sixes prone to crankshaft noise and do i bother getting this work done, clearly the car is for sale and have no intention of not telling prospective buyers about the noise, its listed on eBay at the moment an would like to ask you knowledgeable guys what you think the value is and what sort of cost would be involved for a crank re grind and bearings its a Cali import restoration and in very nice condition left to right hand conversion, ive put the link here



#2 Re: 1969 series 2 2+2

Posted: Tue May 14, 2024 6:49 am
by cactusman
Firstly any car is worth what someone is happy to pay. However classic car prices for the most part, have fallen since covid...e types are probably 30% down on the peak. The car you are selling looks in excellent condition which is a positive but the following count against it.
The rumble...May be engine or possibly gear box etc. What ever the issue the engine and gear box will probably have to come out. Certainly a frank grind can't be done in the car. A garage will charge at least two days Labour to remove and 're fit plus the cost of the remedial work so the prospective owner could be looking at £5000+...who knows.
Secondly the car is a) a series 2, b) a.2+2, c) on stombergs with the emissions gubbins and d) an automatic. Rightly or wrongly this does make the car probably the least desirable model. Strombergs could be changed for SU's and the gearbox converted to manual but all that would cost a lot.
Being honest I doubt the buy now price you ask on the EBay ad is likely to be realised in the current market given the model. Even though it's in visually good condition its a 2+2 auto with a rumble...

#3 Re: 1969 series 2 2+2

Posted: Tue May 14, 2024 7:22 am
by cactusman
If I were you I'd establish whether the rumble is indeed engine bottom end or torque converter related. With 40 psi to me it seems less likely to be crank related....BUT. The oil pressure senders are not reliable so maybe test the oil pressure with a hydraulic gauge first. If the car has stood maybe the water pump bearing is corroded or has the alternator bearing failed? An ear trumpet (bit of pipe) is very handy for listening to local areas. If it is something the water pump then an easy fix...makes the car much more sellable than one that needs the engine out job to fix!