master cylinder replaced ser 3

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#1 master cylinder replaced ser 3

Post by jonhall88 » Tue Jun 08, 2021 8:51 pm

Not a job I thought would give me to many problems, little hiccup getting the lower nut off but with a 3/8 slim medium reach socket fiddly but ok.
However what sadistic git designed the clevis pin location, at 6 ft i had to remove the steering wheel and drivers seat then slide in on my back into the small space to remove a tiny split pin with long nose pliers which because of lack of space failed miserably. easier way is a thin stainless hook and tug the bugger out, took some doing but ok in end. instead of split pin, use a spring type pin, easier to replace and if the need be much easier to remove plus its stainless. All in all a complete sod of a job. Brake bleeding tomorrow.
1974 ser 3

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