Eeeeuw! White Wall Tyres?

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#1 Eeeeuw! White Wall Tyres?

Post by dougal » Thu Aug 05, 2021 1:53 pm

I hate the idea of fitting white wall tyres on an E-type. It is not the thing to do to a European car.

I also hate the idea of people putting a H rated tyre on an E-type instead of a V rated tyre the way it should be.

However i realise, that is my opinion. If you are going to do it, there is now a good tyre. ... ewall.html

On top of the crass look of a white wall on these cars, predominantly i am not of a fan of the carcass structure of white wall tyres. However these are proper Michelin XVS and they have a truly great carcass that will work wonderfully on the handling on your cars. We do have black wall as well.

But really i will be getting the 185VR15 Pirelli Cinturato back in stock soon, and the 185VR15 XVS and the for the Power steering V12 cars 205/70VR15 Cinturato P5, that Jaguar and Pirelli designed together for their Powersteering cars. They should all be back in soon.

This current world wide ptroblem has not done any favoures for the world of classic tyres, which is a meer frippery in the grand scale of things. I hope you guys are doing alright and looking forward to getting through to the other side.
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