Happy or not with eBay.

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#1 Happy or not with eBay.

Post by MLBS3V12 » Thu Jul 28, 2016 3:50 pm

I'm restoring at a turtle speed an S3 FHC from 1971.
I'm looking regularly on eBay sites from the US, UK and Germany as I still needs some parts. Sometime you win and sometime you do not.
For the last purchase I have done on eBay UK, I’m very happy.
I was looking for a chip solution for the propshaft. Considering that:
-I’ve a BMW Getrag with a BMW design output flange. In other words, 3 screws and a flector to fix the driveshaft.
-The length is specific
It sounds reasonable to say that the only way to solve this issue is to have a bespoke part.
Lucky me as I said, I’ve win a bid for a propshaft with the 3 dots on one side which match with the output flange from the gearbox, the Jag design on the other side to match with the input flange from the diff and the length is the good one !!! thank you to the slippery part which allows to be at the right length.
Last but not least, nobody try to get the part (probably because in the title was”Getrak” instead of Getrag ) and I’ve got it for £40…………….
:drinkingcheers: :dance: :bouncyyellow: ....


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