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#1 Add a Map to Your Posts

Post by Heuer » Wed Aug 10, 2016 3:58 pm

You can now add interactive maps within your posts. These can be useful if you are arranging a meeting and want to provide directions or want to show the planned route of a tour (Simon). The simplest way to do this is to use the ViaMichelin maps: and plan your route. Once you have your map completed copy the URL in the browser header, go to the Forum post editing box, click on 'Map' in the text editor header and you will see this:

Put your cursor between the ][ and paste the link. The map should appear something like this:

It is now fully navigable so you can make it full screen, move the map, zoom in, add fuel stations etc. Try clicking on it :thumbsup:

You can also use Mapquest in the same way - try clicking on 'I Agree' to see it work:

OS Maps and Streetmap and others will also work in the same way.

My personal favourite though is Google Map but you need to jump through a few hoops before you can get it to display. After you have your map as you want it click on the hamburger menu symbol at the top left of the map page. From here you need to select 'Share or embed map' and a pop-up will appear. Click on the embed map tab and copy the highlighted link and paste it between the . You then need to carefully delete the text I have highlighted in yellow:

Click on Preview to check it is displaying correctly (give it time to load) and navigate. Bear in mind Google will not display any of your saved places to others so just do an ad hoc map:

The reason I prefer Google is that it was the only one that recognised Bicester Heritage was a destination. I am trying to find a way to automagically display the Google maps - work in progress! :hammerdrill:
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