Stub Axel Wear

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#1 Stub Axel Wear

Post by mgcjag » Fri Jan 29, 2021 11:13 am

Its not uncommon to find wear on the front stub axels where the inner bearing has been spinning on the axel....i cant remember seeing an axel from a car that has a fair few miles on it that dosnt show this wear.....and ive replaced stub axels and bearings in the past.....It has been mentioned here befor about useing a tapered spacer that slides over the stub to "lock the inner and outer bearings to the stub axel" during a new refurb i decided to go the spacer is quite commonly used on other makes........fine adjustment of the bearing endfloat is achived with shims added to the spacer........One of our Australian members first alerted me to the spacer dureing bearing discussions here on the forum....he runs a restoration shop and makes up his own spacers ......I had a look around and found them available in the UK as an "Upgrade " from Rob Beere, Dennis Welch, & SNGB......others may also have them...couple of photos below of stubb wear from bearing spinning and spacer on a stubb....Steve
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