67 roadster with WRONG bonnet (help)

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#1 67 roadster with WRONG bonnet (help)

Post by autoalain » Sat Mar 26, 2022 7:41 pm

AHHH, got my new purchase home, (basket case), thought I got a wrong front bumper, it is one piece 68 very nice chrome bumper. BUT..I got a 67, looked close on bonnet now and found signal light are on the bottom
and not like a 67, somewhere in it's life the bonnet got replaced with wrong year. so.. can I just plug the 68 signal stops on the bottom, open up new on top of bumper and buy replacement front 2 piece bumper??
what about the front grill hole, is size or shape a problem?? of course this is NOT a show car, should I just leave
the 68 bumper and signal lights here they are, would this hurt value much???

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