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#1 advice for novice regarding screws for trim

Post by kevhillyer » Tue Apr 19, 2022 8:31 pm


I have a S2 2+2 and where the doors open, on the A pillar of the car, effectively over the leading edge of the door window if the door was closed, there is chrome trim held in place by small slotted countersunk screws (forgive me for terminology if inexact) I have some missing but the rest are rusty - presumably not the correct type.

Can anyone please advie me the correct spec of screw needed. A lotus owning friend suggested such things are easy to find on ebay and similar as I think they might be needed in other places and I seem to have quite a few bits of trim with screws missing - such as the screws attaching the hinge to the window of the rear quarterlight windows.

I thought if I knew the relevant details I could search for a bag - I know I can measure them but most spec refers to screw size and then there is wht thread type....I am sure someone will know exactly what I need



1970 S2 2+2 Manual

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