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#1 Tachometer with edis

Post by tim wood » Thu Jul 28, 2022 10:38 am

Some of you may know that I’m converting my series 2 dashboard to series 1 with a desire for toggle switches.
Fitting the replacement dash with switches, wiring etc was reasonably straightforward. Extend a few wires etc but no real issue.
However I obviously lost the centre clock facility. So I purchased from eBay a series 1 tachometer with clock. The clock didn’t work (as expected) so I had it overhauled by clock4 classics. This was a great job.

Now I had the problem of how to drive the tachometer. A series 1 tachometer needs the camshaft generator which I didn’t have and series 2 circuit board doesn’t fit the series 1 case.
(I’ll get to the important bit shortly)

My car has edis from Ray Livingston, so with a bit of research I now knew that edis has a tachometer output from pin 11.
Now the series 1 tachometer can’t accept this output as it’s AC driven. So the next modification was to fit a tachometer conversion board from Spiyda. This was straightforward with good after sales support.

Next Issue was that you can’t buy additional pins to fit into the edis plug in order to gain the signal.
Secondhand edis units are reasonably available but usually without the plug. I finally obtained a used plug with a length of cable.
Fairly easy to take apart and extract the needed pin.
From then on its simple - run a wire from pin 11 on edis to the tachometer and all done!

Bit of a long tale but now my series 1.5 has a fully working series 1 dash.

Next topic was to work out how to enable the hazard flasher to work without using that complex rocker switch.
That’s all done as well but I’ll leave that story for another time
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