3.8 brake problem

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#1 3.8 brake problem

Post by Dave K » Wed Oct 27, 2021 7:32 pm

I have been having a few brake problems this last year, the first now sorted was after 5 miles or so the front brakes would lock up, sorted now it was the repro MC pushrod being too long and hitting the linkage not allowing the piston to come all the way back.
Next problem is after I bleed the brakes they feel fine, good firm pedal, start the car up and drive it and the pedal becomes a bit softer, seems really odd, no air comes out the bleed tubes when I bleed them.
Sat in the car tonight after taking the car out for a short spin today and noticed once all the vacuum was used up the brakes became firmer, IE no servo assistance, it seems odd to me that the servo would make the brake pedal softer?
~~~~Extra info I have uprated brakes all round, can't see that makes any difference to the story but thought I'd add it in.

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#2 Re: 3.8 brake problem

Post by Allrand » Thu Oct 28, 2021 5:35 am

On most modern vehicles the pedal gets softer once there's vaccum, makes sense because it requires less pedal pressure to achieve the same degree of braking.
Try starting your modern car with your foot on the pedal, it immeduately goes down under your foot presure.
Randall Botha
'64 3.8 fhc & '51 Mk 7

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