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#1 Radio console

Post by drichards » Tue Nov 02, 2021 6:29 am

I have a 62 OTS. I had to pull out the radio console which had a non working Blaupunkt radio. There are no markings on the radio so I guess it is from the 60’s. I thought I would buy a new facia part No BD20035 (it’s a long story but need to replace it) and just swap over the dotted alloy, which I know is an aftermarket part, from SNG. Whilst the old console and new one look the same, in fact the radio doesn’t fit the new one. The round holes for the control knobs on the new one are 145mm apart, the old one 130 centre to centre. Also the “arch” over the gear box tunnel is slightly different on the new part. A long intro for a short question, but if anyone has an original Blaupunkt radio in their car can you let me know the measurement across the centres of the round control knobs to see if they match mine. Other thoughts welcome too! Thanks

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#2 Re: Radio console

Post by mtnjag » Sat Nov 27, 2021 3:06 pm

Often the knobs on the old radios were adjustable. If so, they usually have a set of small holes around the knobs. Loosen a nut, move a keeper, and you can move the knobs. May adjust to your new console.

The PN you reference is the console frame. Not the facia you mentioned it with right?
New console frame, old/ orig aluminum facia?
So repro stuff often doesn’t fit right or the same as the other repro part you had, or with orig parts.
You may have to do some fitting.
Car #876005, 62 OTS

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