Indicator switch cancelling ring

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#1 Indicator switch cancelling ring

Post by Monkeyfinger » Mon Feb 22, 2021 3:40 pm

Continuing my amateur efforts to replicate certain parts through 3D printing, I was wondering if the plastic toothed ring which serves to cancel the indicators is a suitable candidate for this. So, I've spent a bit of time measuring, constructing a 3D model, and producing one. The results are shown in the accompanying images.
So the next question is if this part is subject to wear and could therefore benefit from what appears to be an unobtainable replacement? I would guess that the shaped lug which actually triggers the cancelling is probably subject to damage over time? Grateful for any comments - the model is a very accurate copy, and whilst I'm not able to manufacture in Nylon (guessing the original is), I've used PETG, which is a fairly resilient and tough plastic. I can also take a look at the other plastic part which has the lugs for the lever springs - this does look fairly delicate however, so I'm not sure how well that can be copied by 3D printing. If anyone is interested in trying one of these then please send me a message.




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