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Post by Stevedavies » Wed Feb 02, 2022 8:27 pm

Am in the process of restoring my series 2 roadster. Decided to upgrade starter with Powerlite high torque starter RAC303. In hindsight i shouldn’t have bothered. Due to problems with Powerlite unit I stuck with a refurbed Lucas starter, it may be more sluggish and heavier but it does the job without the problems encountered with the Powerlite unit.
On the positive side I can remove and fit a lucas starter blindfolded! Fir those about to embark on such a job, see below!

Disconnect battery
Remove alloy under tray
Remove brake vacuum tank
Remove oil filter housing/spin off filter
Remove trigger wire/ remove 12v main cable from stud
From inside car Remove inspection panel at side of footwell.
With panel removed, remove lower starter motor mount bolt
From engine bay, remove top starter motor bolt ( use ring spanner, one flat at a time)
Starter can now be manhandled out of car through frame rails ( it’s heavy!)

Reassembly is similar, but after manhandling in position place a slightly undersized drill bit in lower mounting hole. Helps a lot when trying to align the top bolt with threads of starter motor.

If you need any further info on Powerlite unit fit and suitability, let me know!
Series 1.5 roadster
Series 2 roadster

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