Sticking Brakes in the hot weather

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#1 Sticking Brakes in the hot weather

Post by Doddsy » Tue Jul 19, 2022 6:28 pm

I have just had the pleasure of taking my Daughter to her wedding at Lincolns Inn Chapel in the very centre of London. As you can imagine this was perhaps a bit mad given the current hot weather but a fabulous experience none the less. She (my daughter and the car) attracted a lot of attention, all very positive.

We had the rehearsal a week Sunday so I drove the E Type then too. The only problem I encountered was the dreaded sticking brakes. Not fun in central London. I have had this before and after lot of researching on this excellent forum I knew about the small piston that operates the reaction valve at the end of the Master Cylinder.

Before the real event I gave this piston some tlc. This involved removing the battery for access, taking off the reaction valve and then with help of someone very gently pressing the brake, press out the piston carefully. iIt comes out with a little fluid so you ned a rag ready. I was able to block the hole in eh Master Cylinder with one hand, then with the other clean the piston on a new rag, coat the piston in red rubber grease and reinsert it. I didn’t need to bleed the brakes. I also applied some red grease to the reaction valve diaphragm.

I’m very pleased to report that this cured the problem completely. It was even hotter for the actual wedding and the brakes performed perfectly. This took no more than thirty minutes and I recommend anyone who has this problem check this first. It worked for me.

I have since done another 300 miles in the record heat we have in UK and the E Type brakes continue to be perfect.
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#2 Re: Sticking Brakes in the hot weather

Post by Holeshot » Tue Jul 19, 2022 9:19 pm

What a lovely occasion to get the E-type out for!
No better car to do it with!!

I drove in a modern Mini today and imagined how brave I’d have to be to take the E out in this kind of heat.
If you survived today you can pretty much take on anything!!

And thanks for the recap on the reaction valve fix. I’d forgotten just how annoying that little thing is.

I’m glad your daughter’s special day went well.
Hilton - V12 2+2

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